NAMI’s New Office Manager

By Laurie Emerson  |  June 22, 2017  |  Featured News,Home

I come to NAMI VT with extensive Office Management experience from 15 years with the American Cancer Society and a research background with Department of Homeland Security. I applied to NAMI VT because I missed helping people. I thoroughly enjoy working in the Williston, VT office of NAMI because of the staff, board members and volunteers. I am passionate about NAMI’s Mission as I have spent years dealing with “extreme shyness” as diagnosed in my teens. I jokingly tell people I am a “recovering Introvert” but actually I have a social anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand this disorder and I have been told in the past that, “You don’t participate enough”, “You don’t speak up enough in meetings,” “You’re too quiet,” “You need to put yourself out there” …and more. Finally, after years of looking for help and with the support of family, I found a doctor who understood this and cared, and introduced me to cognitive behavior therapy over 18 years ago. This changed my life.

Currently, I live in Williston with my Husband George, our 2 Labrador Retrievers and one hyper cat. We love the outdoors, traveling and making our own adventures. I have a zest for life and laughter and hope that I can bring a smile into the life of everyone I meet. I can be reached at (802) 867-7949 ext 100 or emailed at

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