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Advocacy Training

Date: TBD in January 2020


Want to make a positive change in mental health services?

Become an advocate!

Thank you for joining us at the NAMI Smarts training! NAMI Smarts for Advocacy gives you the strategies to build knowledge, confidence, and competence in:

  • Writing and delivering short and compelling personal stories that have an “ask”
  • Finding and using facts in speaking and writing
  • Preparing for and conducting a successful meeting with legislators
  • Following-up with savvy thank you notes that reinforce a key message
  • Writing focused emails that have an impact
  • Making effective phone calls

Who Should Attend:

NAMI Vermont volunteer members who want to gain advocacy skills – especially advocates who will join Mental Health Advocacy Day on January 29, 2020.

Grassroots advocacy is simple; you don’t have to know about policies or politics. It’s about using your voice to influence policy makers and make a difference. Turn your passion and your lived experience into a positive voice for mental health with the NAMI Smarts for advocacy grassroots advocacy training.

Call: 800-639-6480 ~ Email: