Class of 2020 Connection Support Group Facilitators

By Nick Martin  |  June 29, 2020  |  Home

Over the weekend of June 27-28, NAMI Vermont had the pleasure to welcome and train five new facilitators to the Connection Support Groups in Vermont! Our trainers, Dan T. & Maria G. did an excellent job in navigating the complex curriculum as well as the intricacies of using the online training platform. This was only the second (2nd) CSG training offered in the country using an online platform! Here in Vermont, we never shy away from innovation! Newly trained facilitators include:

  • Josh D. (Rutland Affiliate)
  • Signe G. (Central Vermont)
  • Melodie L. (Central Vermont)
  • Paul M. (Greater Burlington)
  • Chris N. (Greater Burlington)

Congratulations to everyone involved on this great accomplishment!

To learn more about Connection Support Groups in Vermont, CLICK HERE

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