Raising Awareness During Pride Month

By Amy Perry  |  June 11, 2020  |  Home

We all have mental health, regardless of our sexual orientation or gender identity. However, LGBTQ+ individuals are more than twice as likely to experience a mental health condition compared to individuals that identify as straight.

For LGBTQ+ teenagers, they are five times more likely to experience symptoms of depression and thoughts of suicide than their heterosexual counterparts.

Coping with stigma, discrimination or violence can help contribute to a person’s mental health condition. LGBTQ+ individuals may also have negative feelings about themselves because of their sexual or gender identity, or feel isolated and lonely. And these feelings can lead to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, thoughts of suicide.

We all must take care of our mental health like we take care of our physical health, regardless of our sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you or someone you know identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning and is experiencing mental health challenges, visit NAMI’s LGBTIQ+ website page for links to supportive resources and text and chat lines, or call NAMIVT at 802-876-7949. Or check out our website for the latest programming offered in our state. All of our support groups and programs are open to anyone and everyone.

To our LGBTQ+ community in Vermont, we stand with you, not just during Pride Month, but every day. You are not alone. #Not Alone #NAMIVTCares

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