Here at NAMI Vermont, we are constantly reviewing updates regarding COVID-19 and attempting to deliver programs and supports to interested participants. During this time, we are very aware of the challenges of hosting in-person programs for participants and the concerns of those who may want to attend. So right now, we offer this program via Zoom! We’re looking out for everyone in this challenging time.

Contact us to schedule a presentation at your Middle or High School!

NAMI Ending the Silence is an engaging presentation that helps HS & MS student audience members learn about suicide awareness, the warning signs of mental health conditions and what steps to take if you or a loved one are showing symptoms of a mental health condition.

Ending the Silence presentations include two leaders: one who shares an informative presentation and a young adult with a mental health condition who shares their journey of recovery. Audience members can ask questions and gain understanding of an often-misunderstood topic. Through dialogue, we can help grow the movement to end stigma.

  • FREE presentation for schools
  • Resources and information for students (and staff)
  • NAMI Ending the Silence for Students: 50-minute presentation designed for middle and high school students that includes warning signs, facts and statistics, and how to get help for themselves or a friend. Research has shown that NAMI Ending the Silence for Students is effective in changing middle and high school students’ knowledge and attitudes toward mental health conditions and toward seeking help

To schedule an Ending the Silence presentation, call 800-639-6480 or email