NAMI Homefront is a class for families, partners and friends of military service members and veterans experiencing a mental health challenge. The six-week course is designed specifically to help family members (and close friends) understand those challenges and improve the ability of participants to support their service member or veteran. This online learning opportunity is FREE!

Classes are being planned for 2022. Stay tuned!


NAMI Homefront teaches you how to:

  • Learn to care for yourself, including managing your stress
  • Support your loved Service Member/Veteran with compassion
  • Identify and access federal, state and local services
  • Stay informed on the latest research and information on mental health, including post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, anxiety, depression and substance use
  • Understand current treatments and evidence-based therapies
  • Navigate the challenges and impact of mental health conditions on the entire family
  • Manage a crisis, solve problems and communicate effectively

This program is offered in Vermont through our partnership with NAMI national.