A year ago, no one could have imagined that we would be having our traditional in-person walkathon online. Yet even with this curveball thrown at us, our NAMI Vermont community stood strong and delivered. Your dedication, resilience and creativity showed strongly with our first ever virtual NAMIWalks event. And because of you, we ended on a high note!

Our final tally is $26,225! This is 66% of our goal.

This is remarkable given all of the obstacles we have faced this year. In fact, the average goal for NAMIWalks across the country this year was 66%. We should be proud of our little state!

Thank you to everyone who shared videos and pictures, donated or raised funds, and spent time with us during our virtual event. We still have space to add any photos or videos you would like to share with us of your activity!

While our event day is over, you can still access the videos we shared on social media throughout the day, photos of people enjoying their activities, and our Spotify playlist of motivational songs.

Plus, you can still check out our calendar of virtual activities and try a few of them today!

If you have any photos from the day, feel free to email to aperry@namivt.org or post on your social media platform and tag NAMI Vermont! If you post, be sure to use NAMIWalks hashtags – #NAMIWalksVermont, #NotAlone and #MentalHealthforAll.

We also shared a Spotify playlist of uplifting songs to support your mental health!

Please note: you will need to login to Spotify to hear the complete list. If you do not have a Spotify account, it’s really easy – and FREE – to sign up. Visit https://www.spotify.com/us/ to learn more.

Gallery of Activities


 Today’s Videos!

What is NAMIWalks all about? Here’s an inspiring video that looks at the impact these walks have around the country each year. And while we are unable to walk in person this year, the purpose of these walks remains the same. Join us virtually this year to help raise awareness about mental health. Visit namiwalks.org/vermont.

NAMI National’s Board of Directors President Shirley Holloway and CEO Daniel Gillison, Jr. welcome you to NAMIWalks Your Way.

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for our very first VIRTUAL NAMIWalks Your Way event! Here is our opening ceremony featuring some welcome speeches, shout outs to our sponsors and more.

NAMI member and volunteer Carmyn shares why she supports NAMI Vermont.

Josh Plavin, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Sponsor BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont shares why they are a sponsor of NAMIWalks Your Way Vermont.

NAMI Vermont Member and In Our Own Voice facilitator and trainer Mitzi shares why she supports NAMI Vermont.

Mayim Bialik (Actress, Big Bang Theory) shares why she is living #StigmaFree.

Monica Villalta, NAMI Director of Diversity and Inclusion shares some thoughts about the importance of this year’s NAMIWalks Your Way.

NAMI Vermont Member and Volunteer Connie shares why she supports NAMI Vermont.

NAMI Vermont Program Director Nick Martin shares how NAMIWalks supports our FREE programs.

NAMI Vermont members and volunteers Sara and Mike share why they support NAMI Vermont.

Andrea Willey, MSW, LiCSW, shares why NAMIWalks Sponsor Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital believes it is important to shine a light on mental health.

“Your voice makes a difference.” NAMI Director of Public Police Jennifer Snow shares why it’s important to become a NAMI advocate.

NAMI Vermont Member and volunteer Carolanne shares why it is important to support NAMI Vermont.

Actor (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) Clark Gregg shares why he has pledged to be #StigmaFree.

Brandon Graham, Sr. Manager, NAMI Advocacy and Public Policy encourages you to vote for mental health this election year.

NAMI Vermont Executive Director Laurie Emerson shares some closing remarks for our NAMIWalks Your Way Day.

NAMI CEO Daniel Gillison, Jr, shares closing remarks about this year’s NAMIWalks Your Way.

Thank You to Our 2020 NAMIWalks Your Way Vermont Community Sponsors

By being a sponsor of this event, you are joining us on the front lines to raise awareness and ensure that all Vermonters continue to receive the necessary support and education they need to maintain their mental health.






BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont
Counseling Service of Addison County
Co-Op Insurance Companies
Health Care & Rehabilitation Services
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
Washington County Mental Health Services

Funds from our walkathon support the following:

  • 12+ support groups throughout the state
  • Educational courses that include: 8-week intensive classes, one-day workshops, presentations and provider classes that focus on mental health recovery, management, treatment, and wellness.
  • Advocacy to ensure a voice for peers and family members at the local, state and federal level to protect funding and ensure access to the right care at the right time in the right setting.
  • In Our Own Voice – an educational program in which two trained speakers share their compelling personal stories of living with a mental health condition and achieving recovery.

Together, we can work toward our goal of Mental Health for All!