Pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth This Election Season

NAMI’s #Vote4MentalHealth campaign for the 2022 elections is underway! This nonpartisan campaign is part of our long-standing efforts to help voters and candidates understand the impact that voting has on mental health care. #Vote4MentalHealth will provide resources for people to learn more about the intersection of key policy issues and mental health, find ways to engage candidates and, for the first time, directly register to vote.

NAMI and NAMI Vermont are nonpartisan and do not take positions on candidates or political parties. NAMI’s #Vote4MentalHealth campaign centers on a central idea: the people we elect at all levels of government make decisions that impact what mental health services and supports are available to help people in our communities. Because of that, it’s crucial for all voters to understand how their vote matters.

“As our country continues to navigate a growing mental health crisis, millions of Americans will cast their ballots this year for candidates that, if elected, will make decisions that impact the available of mental health care in our communities,” said Hannah Wesolowski, NAMI’s Chief Advocacy Officer. “It’s more important than ever for everyone to understand that their vote has an impact. If we all recognize our collective power and #Vote4MentalHealth this fall, we can make mental health a priority issue for years to come — and help people get the care they need and deserve.”

We encourage all voters to take the pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth, which is a commitment to do one thing: understand how your vote impacts mental health. NAMI also partnered with Rock the Vote to help people to register to vote, check their registration, request an absentee ballot, find their polling place, and more.

NAMI is also releasing new resources to help get out the vote, including a revamped website and a new video to energize people to join this movement.

From the National Alliance on Mental Illness