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Let our presenters inform and inspire your organization with their stories of living with mental illness.

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About This Program

In Our Own Voice (IOOV) is an interactive presentation that aims to change assumptions and stereotypes about people living with mental health conditions.

Two trained presenters with lived experience of a mental health condition talk openly about their experiences. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about living with mental health conditions and how to live well in spite of them.

The 60–90 minute presentation is offered free of charge and is appropriate for diverse audiences, including family members, friends, mental health professionals, students, people living with mental health conditions, and the general public. Hundreds of IOOV presentations have taken place in hospitals, schools, churches, community organizations, and more.

Joining NAMI Vermont as an In Our Own Voice presenter is a paid opportunity.

About This Program

What You Will Gain

How to Register

NAMI In Our Own Voice

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What You Will Gain:

  • An opportunity to hear open and honest perspectives on a highly misunderstood topic.
  • A chance to ask leaders questions, allowing for a deeper understanding of mental health conditions and dispelling of stereotypes and misconceptions.
  • The understanding that people with mental health conditions have lives enriched by hopes, dreams and goals.
  • Information on how to learn more about mental health and get involved with the mental health community.
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Schedule an In Our Own Voice Presentation

New Training Available May 4th. The training is two-parts – complete the online self-paced training and then meet in-person on May 4th.

For more information, contact NAMI Vermont at (800) 639-6480 or email[email protected]

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