Our programs help families and individuals impacted by mental illness build better lives.

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Programs: MIR

The Mental Illness & Recovery workshop is designed to provide education on mental health and recovery for family members, peers, and community members.

Programs: NAMI FaithNet

This program is a network that brings together NAMI members, clergy, and congregations of all faith traditions to support individuals and families affected by mental illness.

Programs: NAMI Provider

NAMI Provider introduces mental health professionals to the unique perspectives of individuals living with mental health conditions and their families.

Programs: NAMI In Our Own Voice

Experience the power of personal stories from our presenters living with mental illness and let them inspire you.

Programs: NAMI Ending the Silence

Ending the Silence educates on mental health warning signs and what to do if you or a loved one shows symptoms.

Programs: NAMI Family-to-Family

A free 8-session program for families, friends, and significant others of those with mental health conditions.

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