Everything you will need to better understand mental illness and how to access treatment.

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How Can We Help?

Want to learn more about mental illness and mental health resources but can’t get to a meeting or class? NAMI (national) and NAMI Vermont have lots of online resources to help. 

Check out the websites and documents below for more information on numerous topics.

Vermont & National Crisis Lines

More Information

NAMI Resources

NAMI Vermont


NAMI, the national organization of which NAMI Vermont is a chartered state organization, has many pages on their website with information on research, treatments and much more. Visit the links below for more details:

Vermont Therapists and Psychiatrists

NAMI Vermont does not endorse any providers. These links are provided as a resource to help you find a therapist or psychiatrist in Vermont.



Vermont & National Crisis Lines

Need more information or guidance?

For more information, contact NAMI Vermont at (800) 639-6480 or email: [email protected]