Share Your Holiday Self-Care Advice

mug and open book set on a table in front of lit fireplace with a stack of wood next to it

December may be filled with joy and celebration for some people, but for many others, the winter holidays are a source of dread. The holiday season can cause lots of stress and anxiety—about money, family, relationships, and more. It can be a period of loneliness for those who don’t have the ability to spend time with friends or family. If you have lost a loved one, feelings of grief may intensify. For those with seasonal depression, the cold, dark days are likely taking a toll on your mental health.

NAMI Vermont recognizes that the holiday season is not always an easy one. We want to know what you do to take care of your mental health and/or cope with stressors that may arise. Use the box below to share one (or more) way(s) that you practice self-care or something that you do to enjoy the wintertime despite the difficulties.

We may share these submissions on social media and via email. Please only include your name and town if you are comfortable with this information being shared. You may also attach a file if you choose: a photo of yourself in the winter, a PDF of a holiday recipe, or anything else that you think goes with your story. Thank you for sharing your advice with the NAMI Vermont community!