The NAMI Provider Program is either a
15-hour course, or a 4-hour seminar (your agency’s preference) that presents a penetrating, subjective view of family and peer experiences with a serious mental illness (SMI) to professionals who work directly with individuals affected by a mental health condition.

The program helps providers realize the hardships that families and peers face and appreciate the courage and persistence it takes to live with and recover from their mental health condition.

Participants generally feel that not only has their approach towards families changed, but that their understanding of peers dealing with life’s dilemmas has expanded as well. Virtually every participant describes how his or her own clinical practice or approach to working with individuals had changed because of what was learned in class.

How is the NAMI Provider Program unique?

The Provider Program emphasizes the involvement of peers and family members as faculty in provider-staff training. The teaching team consists of three – five people:

  • Family member(s): individuals who have a close loved one w/ a mental health condition;
  • Peer(s): knowledgeable about their own mental health experience(s) and are dedicated to the process of recovery; and
  • A mental health professional who is also a family member or peer.

Few teaching programs offer peers in this kind of sustained training effort in which they are encouraged to participate on a teaching team as they present a 15-hour course or a 4-hour seminar. The program reflects a new knowledge base — the “lived experiences” of people coping with a mental health condition or caring for someone who lives with a mental health condition. Including this deeply personal perspective creates an appreciable difference in the program’s content. It adds a means of teaching the emotional aspects and practical consequences.

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