Program Leadership Training

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer teacher or presenter? Please join us for our next annul training in each of our programs.

NAMI Vermont offers training to become leaders in these six programs: 




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NAMI Ending the Silence

Ongoing Training: Self-paced Online! 

A NAMI Ending the Silence presenter is a trained NAMI leader who leads a 90-minute presentation to high/middle school students, staff, or parents.  Each presentation includes two presenters: an Adult Advisor and a Young Adult Peer (someone w/ a mental health condition, 30 years or younger).

Who Should Train: Adult peers, family members and friends of individuals living with a  mental health condition, and young adults with a mental health condition (ages 18-30). Participants should be confident with personal computer use and MS power point application.

Presenters needed: All communities in Vermont! Contact Kristy at

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NAMI “In Our Own Voice” Presenter Training

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In Our Own Voice Presenters and Trainers, 2020

In Our Own Voice is a unique public education presentation, in which 2 speakers share their compelling personal stories of living with mental illness and achieving recovery.  Each presentation lasts 60-90 minutes and includes a short video, personal testimony, and a Q&A that allows for honest and open dialogue.

Requirements and Commitments:

  • Have personal experience with mental health challenges
  • Have reached a comfortable place in recovery
  • Able to complete the self-paced online training before attending  training
  • Willing and able to attend the one-day training (using Zoom)
  • Agree to adhere to fidelity of the NAMI IOOV presentation model
  • Make a commitment to perform at least 4 presentations per year
  • Work with NAMI Vermont staff to identify potential new presentation sites, on outreach, recruitment and record keeping
  • Maintain a NAMI membership

About IOOV          Video About Training

For more info contact Mitzi at


NAMI Family-to-Family Teacher Training

Next Training Dates TBD

Family-to-Family Teachers and Trainers, 2018

CLICK HERE to pre-register to become a Family-to-Family Program Leader

A Family-to-Family Teacher provides the delivery of the evidence based 8-week NAMI Family-to-Family curriculum to other family members who have a loved one with a mental illness. You will share information about major mental illnesses, with a focus on the emotional reactions of family members who have a loved one who is ill and teach coping skills such as handling crisis and relapse; basic information about medications; listening and communication techniques; problem-solving skills; recovery and rehabilitation; and self-care around worry and stress.

What are the Requirements?

  • Complete the Family-to-Family class (as a participant)
  • Have a family member, who lives with a mental illness
  • Have reached a comfortable place in your loved one’s recovery from serious mental illness, and are able to sustain yourself through the emotional turbulence that may arise in the class
  • Adhere to the NAMI Family-to-Family model
  • Commitment to co-teach the class for 8 consecutive weeks
  • Maintain confidentiality of participants
  • Maintain NAMI membership during commitment
  • Work with the Program Director on outreach, recruitment and record keeping

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Mental Illness and Recovery Workshop Teacher Training

Next Training: TBD, 2022…

Pre-register to become a  Workshop Leader!

MIR is a free, one-day workshop for families, peers, and community members who want to learn more about mental illness and recovery. Teachers should be familiar with NAMI Vermont, be comfortable reading aloud and sharing “your story”, be available on a Saturday 2-3 times a year, and have transportation to/from scheduled workshops.

Teachers needed in: Northern, Central, and Southern Vermont

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NAMI Provider Program Teacher Virtual Training

Pre-register for future training dates

NAMI Provider Program offers 15-hours or 4-hours of in-service training to line staff at public mental health agencies and other organizations who work directly with individuals who are affected by a mental health condition. The teaching team consists of three to five members that include family members, individuals living with a mental health condition, and a mental health provider who is either a family member or individual in recovery. Teachers share their personal experience with the participants and follow a scripted curriculum.

Who Should Train: Returning teachers who need a refresher, current Connection and Family Support Group facilitators, NAMI program teachers, and mental health professionals who are either family members or living with a mental health challenge.

Teachers needed in: Northern, Central, and Southern Vermont

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For more information about the trainings being offered or to receive an application, contact the Program Director at NAMI Vermont – call (800) 639-6480 x102 or email:

Don’t want to be an Education Leader, but still want to “give back?” Click here to volunteer if you’re unsure how you can contribute, but still want to!