How COVID-19 affected our services

It was important to ensure minimal disruption of services with our planned programs. Using an online format or teleconference setting, the Family Support Groups and Connection Peer Support Groups continued meeting, ensuring at least one each would meet every week. Family-to-Family classes also transitioned to an online format. We are proud of our Program Leaders who stepped up to the challenge in order to continue serving others. 

With the ongoing disruption of shuttered communities and physical distancing restrictions, we felt the call to offer more than our regular programs to Vermonters to help those struggling to maintain their mental health. We now offer: 

  • Weekly Wellness Check-in open forum every Monday afternoon to offer people the opportunity to simply talk with others: no agenda, no promotions, and no disqualifiers. Just a simple gathering to bring faces and voices together during an uncertain time. 
  • Weekly e-news communication of ongoing events, resources, and information. 
  • Wellness Phone Calls for anyone wanting a one-on-one check-in. 

Past offerings:

  • Implementation of a Wellness Wednesday series of In Our Own Voice presentations beginning during Mental Health Awareness Month in May. 
  • Self-Compassion w/ Alex workshops.
  • Webinars highlighting the Art & Science of Well-Being© with Stacy 
  • NAMI Connection Peer Support Group Facilitator Training.

Visit our Programs and Support Groups pages to learn specifics about our current offerings. 

Need Help During These Uncertain Times?
Vermont Support Line: (833) VT-TALKS / (833) 888-2557
or text (833) 888-2557
Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Crisis Textline: Text VT to 741741
Up-to-Date Information About COVID-19